Dalloul Art Foundation

A priceless Collection of Modern & Contemporary Arab Art Masterpieces

Untitled Abstractions July - December 2023

We Are Not Seen but Corpses: Engraving Memory
Women Seeing Women
The Establishment of a Ministry of Culture in Lebanon
Fine Arts Education in Lebanon: Part 2

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Dalloul Art Foundation

Modern & Contemporary Arab Art

The Ramzi and Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation (DAF) is a Beirut-based visual arts institution dedicated to making modern and contemporary Arab Art accessible to local and international audiences through archiving, exhibitions, education, publications, public programs, and research. Its aim is to preserve and disseminate its permanent collection which includes works in drawing, installation, mixed-media, painting, photography, ceramics, and sculpture.

Providing a comprehensive survey of visual arts from most of the Arab region, DAF’s extensive and massive collection reflects the diversity and boldness of Arab creativity, inspired by the complex realities of the region. 

Since late 2017, DAF has been made accessible to the public through its presence on social media where it highlights the history of Arab art weekly. Researchers and doctoral students can also gain access to the foundation’s extensive resources, collection management system, and in-house research, in order to further their studies. DAF also organizes weekly visits to its extensive storage galleries for schools, universities and other interested groups. The foundation also provides loans to local and international museums.

DAF is essentially a research institute, creating a reference for Arab art, and as such we will continue to add features, information and materials about our pioneering artists, so please come and visit us often or become a member and have this information pushed to you as it comes available. In the meantime, enjoy our site and the massive collection it now hosts.